AppNasty consists of two epic heroes.

Joshua Higgins, Owner, Developer & Artist.

Jon Mathias, Developer and Artist.

Our goal at AppNasty is to create the best mobile gaming experiences we can. Putting tons of hours into projects and brainstorming new and innovative ideas. AppNasty was originally OneHitGamer Studios before the revamp. Joshua has been an artist most of his life and focuses on making social media posts go viral. Combining all the talents and skills they both put their efforts together to create AppNasty. the main goal of AppNasty is not just to make quality games but to become a known publisher for other developers.

Over 100 games have been created between the two of them. Some released under the OHG name and some never at all. As well as some longer projects that they continue to work on to this day. With OHG’s rename, also came a revamping of the quality of the content they make. With AppNasty’s first game launched, Ship Defender Force, and tons more to come.