New Team Up With Youtuber, TheFearRaiser.

Stay hungry. Stay focused.

After taking OneHitGamer Studios in a whole new direction into AppNasty,
I have wracked my brain trying to think of the best gameplan. After erasing all 35 mobile games and apps ive made i decided to start fresh. Aim for quality. Presentation. A new view on things. New mission. This is when i reached out to
the ever-so-awesome YouTuber “TheFearRaiser”. He is a voice actor, artist and
just all around cool dude to work with. We will be launching this new game plan to take AppNasty to a whole new level. With several big projects under my wing, i will be putting out some quick projects that will aid me in getting the ball rolling for AppNasty. So tick around and keep updated with our mission.
AppNasty creator.